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11 décembre 2013 3 11 /12 /décembre /2013 12:38


                                     10 years of the International Feminist Womyn's Circus Tentabulles!
           You can support -- We will create -- Watch us!


     On the International Womynfightingday, March 8, 2014, Tentabulles will present its high quality show for the tenth time, to be seen only by lesbians, womyn and transgender* people.

As you know, the Tentabulles concept is to create connections and foster an exchange of different experiences and skills among lesbians and womyn from different countries, and to develop a full-impact political performance within the challenge of a 10-day working period.

In addition to the creative work we do, of equal importance is the cooperation and networking between like-minded womyn from all corners of the globe.

One main concern has been and remains accessibility to the project; specifically, to make it possible for all lesbians and womyn, of whatever age, income, ethnicity, language ability or level of relevant skills, to join us and create with us. Our inclusive DIY approach directly challenges the idea that the ability to create art is reserved for "Artists". At Tentabulles we keep discovering that art is a burning flame inside each of us, which is so easily ignited when kindred souls meet with a common cause.

Tentabulles was founded as a platform for us to bare our teeth at the male dominated arts scene. It seems that baring our teeth has, so far, been worthwhile:
As of this date, 200 womyn and lesbians have taken part in Tentabulles. Deep-reaching connections have taken root. We have performed in Rome, Paris, Vienna, Istanbul, Berlin, Munich, Marseille and Barcelona. Our productions have investigated vital social and personal questions such as power dynamics, sexism, racism, homophobia, domination, political injustice, relationships and more.

Each year the project has been manifested thanks only to heroic self-financing taken on by the organizers, huge support by the local volunteers, and the participants themselves.
Each year anew we have to raise financial resources for translators, food, rental fees for practice and performance spaces, technical and transport costs. Many collaborators in each work for free or less than they deserve.

It is here that you could enter the game. With your financial support, we could reach even more womyn and lesbians, we could put more energy into this important political and creative work, and Tentabulles could thrive into the future.
Even the smallest donation helps us continue to share the feminist dream.
You could give a one-time financial gift or support us each month with a small amount.

Tentabulles has Tax-Deductible Gift Recipient status.


Donate now:

Tenta Bulles
Swift Code: CMCIFR2A



Significant. Political. Radical. Unique. Tentabulles.

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