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15 décembre 2013 7 15 /12 /décembre /2013 17:38

10. TENTABULLES 2014 in Berlin

 27.02. bis 9.3.14


Invitation to the 10.th Tentabulles!!! Ten(th)abulles sort of..


Dear feminists, lesbians and womyn,


we are going to meet in 2014 again in Berlin!

Cris, Violeta and Bronko are the organisationgroup. We will be happy about any support, doesn't matter if telepathic, financial or organisational.


The 27. of February will be the arrival day. We gonna have a welcome plenum and a dinner.


Next day, the 28., it is planned to go all together to a nearby project, called Gutshof Reichenow. We will stay there in a rented hall until the 7.3. The project is 50km north-east from Berlin and easy reachable by public transportation. The hall has a underheated floor, a kitchen, several high-beds, a dancing floor, possibilitys to hang aerial – stuff, like trapez, two showers and a lot of space (500m²). Nearby is a lake...


We go back to Berlin, to Circus Schatzinsel, at the morning of the 7.3. and will have there the general rehearsal.

The show will be next day, 8.3. at 7pm, at Circus Schatzinsel.

We planned to have an after-show party – the place is unsure till now.


The final plenum will be at the next day, the 9.3.2014.


Maximum 20 Lesbians/Womyn can participate at the meeting.

There will be a clown, acrobatic,  pole dance and theater workshop. If you want to give a workshop tell us as fast as possible that we can schedule everything.


For the 10 days, inclusive hosting, we have to take 100,- till 200,- per person, self-assassment. 100,- should be the minimum. If you don't have 100,- € but wants to take part, please contact us to find together a solution.

It is important for us to be accesable for every Lesbian/Womyn.


We gonna pay the room-rents, like Reichenow and Circus Schatzinsel, the hosting, transportation costs and if possible travelcost with the participant fee.


Our plan is to organise till march a soliparty, a donation appeal and make some merchadising to raise some more money for the meeting. Every support is welcome.


Register via email until 1.february!



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